Minotaur VS Psylocke

  • 2013-08-13 20:17:37
  • アニメ エロゲ

    Mutant's enemies are many and they decided to launch a campaign to terminate mutants on Genosha Island. A sentinal mark IV numbered S69 had a mission to locate a single X-men member named Psylocke on the island.\r\nWhy only locate? \r\nBecause the task to capture her will be completed by a new mercenary of Sentinal army who is driven by sexual desire and lust. His name is Minotaur, and we all do know what he do best.\r\nP/S: Psylocke is one of the sexiest X-men girl in my opinion. Minotaur VS Psylocke アニメ エロゲ Mugen Minotaur Psylocke